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Number Game
eclbet Number Game
字在必得 Number Game
包括 “终极大奖” 和 “迷你大奖” 。 终极大奖奖池总额将达到 USD250,000,而迷你大奖将分为三个单独的奖品,总额为USD 20,000,分别为USD 12,000,USD6,000和USD 2,000。
Comprises both a 'Grand Jackpot' and a 'Mini Jackpot'. The Grand Jackpot prize pool will total USD 250,000, while the Mini Jackpot will be divided into three separate prizes, totaling USD 20,000, with amounts of USD 12,000, USD 6,000, and USD 2,000 respectively."
How to win Mini Jackpot
  • 所以玩家每竞猜的一组号码将会有3个机会来赢取奖金。
  • 这三组号码将会对应3家4D公司(TOTO, MAGNUM , DAMACAI) 的首奖,二奖和三奖。
  • 想要赢取字在必得迷你大奖,您必须正确猜中其中一组的4个号码
    • 红号码 (TOTO 头奖)
    • 黄号码 (MAGNUM 二奖)
    • 白号码 (DAMACAI 三奖)
  • Members will have 3 chances to win Mini Jackpot for each set of numbers submitted.
  • These three sets of numbers (Red, Yellow and White) will correspond to the first, second and third prizes of the three 4D (TOTO, MAGNUM, DAMACAI) companies.
  • In order to win the Mini Jackpot, you need to predict correctly the 4 digits number for
    • Red Number (TOTO 1st prize)
    • Yellow Number (MAGNUM 2nd prize)
    • White Number (DAMACAI 3rd prize)
eclbet Toto First Prizeeclbet Arroweclbet Toto
eclbet Toto First Prizeeclbet Arroweclbet Toto
eclbet Toto First Prizeeclbet Arroweclbet Toto
eclbet Toto
eclbet Toto
eclbet Toto
How to win Grand Jackpot
  • 想要赢取字在必得终极大奖 USD250,000, 玩家们需要正确猜中全部三组号码 (红号码, 黄号码, 白号码)。
  • 这三组号码(红号码, 黄号码, 白号码) 将分别对应3家4D公司的头奖,二奖和三奖(TOTO,MAGNUM,DAMACAI)。
  • 如果同时超过一名玩家成功猜中全部三组号码,那终极大奖也将会平分给所有的得奖者(全部国家)。
  • 比如如果一共有三名玩家(包括您在内)成功猜中全部三组号码,那么你将赢得总值 【USD250,000/3】=USD83,333.
  • To win the Number Game Grand Jackpot USD250,000, players have to predict ALL three sets of numbers (Red, Yellow and White) correctly.
  • These three sets of numbers (Red, Yellow and White) will correspond to the first, second and third prizes of the three 4D (TOTO, MAGNUM, DAMACAI) companies.
  • If there are more than one member predicted ALL three sets of numbers correctly, the Grand Jackpot Prize will be shared equally (All countries).
  • If a total of three members, including yourself, correctly guessed all the numbers, then you would win a total of USD250,000 divided by 3, which equals USD83,333.
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eclbet Number Game Ball
eclbet Number Game Ball

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